Inspiring creativity through a hands-on musical experience.



Founder / Violinist

Katie Jane is a prolific violinist in the Portland / Vancouver area. As a performer and teacher she aims to spread joy through music for listeners, students, and festival attendees alike. Katie Jane is known for her infectious energy and unceasing smile. Her energetic musical performances and creative teaching style encourage dancing, uncontrollable joyfulness, and confidence in oneself. Katie Jane’s Magical Music Petting Zoo has been a dynamic part of her goal of sharing the joy of music and inspiring creativity in kids and adults alike.


Founder / Guitarist

Adam Easley is a dynamic multi-instrumentalist whose passion is sharing music with the upcoming generation.  As a teacher for many years, Adam has taken his passion and used it to inspire a love of music making with his students. Through Hands On Music Events, Adam has evolved his creative direction into a multi-media art installation that encourages hands-on interaction with music and visual art, and creates an unforgettable musical experience for kids and adults alike.


Visual Art Director

Sierra Lockwood is a passionate artist with a love for sharing the joy of self expression with others.  Through a combination of visual arts, poetry, and fashion, Sierra inspires kids and adults alike to find what makes each individual shine their brightest. In her own works, her vibrant creativity shines through her colorful artistic creations themed in celebrating the truest version of one's self in that moment. Her contributions to the Magical Music Petting Zoo have helped shape it into the multi-media experience that not only inspires the creative mind through listening, but also through hands-on art for everyone to participate.